Tue 08/08/2023

Today is my and my wife's 'monthiversary' so I have been a little busy with some preparations. We still haven't said 'happy monthiversary' to each other today (silly I know, but I don't care), which sometimes happens but feels weird; when she kissed me goodbye while leaving for work this morning, all I managed to say still half-asleep was that she looked hot (she did).

I went to the market to buy a few things: fiordilatte, good tomatoes, chicken thighs. Each one is for a different dinner: pizza tonight, bruschettas tomorrow, chicken alla cacciatora on Thursday. I also bought some strawberries to make vodka daiquiris to celebrate, some lush kale and - finally - some thin courgettes. The last two items I bought from some vegan stand which also sells kombucha and assorted nasty beverages - the place smelled funky, but they have good produce, so. I'm particularly happy about the courgettes, as supermarkets seem intent on selling only the most squash-sized watery ones. I then went to buy the rest of the groceries in the supermarkets, made pizza dough for tonight (it's raising in the oven at the moment) and took a shower.

The weather is the same we have had all summer - grey and either raining or threatening rain. I still hope I will manage to go for a swim before summer is over. I need to book a few Fringe shows for next week but I don't know where to start (I know I want to see Gein's Family Giftshop but that's it) and I hate making bookings.

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