Wed 30/08/2023

I gave my wife the link to this website now that it is starting to have a bare minimum of content (hi cutie). Later in the evening, as we were setting down to eat dinner, she caressed my face gently and told me she had been reading some entries. The caress made my day in a way that is unique to her physical acts of love. I think men know what I mean. If I were to rationalise it, I would say that her physical acts of love burn their way down to my core because it is beyond even me to second-guess them. I feel them sinking down my throat and burn like a big gulp of hot tea that brings you back from the verge of collapse. There are no layers of interpretation to a feeling of the flesh like that.

By the way, dinner was a courgette carbonara, made more interesting by the addition of mint and lime peel. Something to make again for sure. However, I am starting to think that in our effort to eat more vegetables we have begun eating too little meat; we are going to make ossobuco this weekend to compensate, but we should think about some chicken as well. It might also be the case that I have prioritised vegetables over meat because I have been too excited for all the veggies that are at their peak in summertime. Speaking of which, I bought more heritage tomatoes on Monday and today I sliced them horizontally and pan-fried them in abundant extra-virgin olive oil, with fresh garlic, basil and oregano (or marjoram, I don't remember which one I had left)(to be fair, they are very similar, marjoram is just milder). I saw the recipe on Youtube. My wife and I have been dipping tiny pieces of bread in the pan juices all night, they taste incredible. I put some tomatoes in my wife's lunch that she's bringing to work, and I am eagerly awaiting to have some for breakfast myself. This is both a blessing and a curse, because on the one hand I know I am going to have a bloody good breakfast, but on the other hand the thought is keeping me awake. It will never be 'breakfast' if you don't go to sleep first, y'know?

I saw my colleague S. this afternoon. It wasn't exactly an emergency meeting, but we needed to figure out ASAP whether some new work we came across makes our own work obsolete. S. bumped into me outside the building as I was walking to our meeting whilst reading Moby Dick; the vision seemed to have startled him somewhat. Reading while walking is something I do when I know the way very well (and when it's not raining, clearly), but it is making me more and more self-conscious because I get the feeling people find it excessively bizzarre. I don't like to draw attention to myself. Anyway, we spent the afternoon working our way through definitions at the board. We still don't know for sure, but it looks like our work is safe more than the other way round for the moment, which gave us some relief. I hate these moments of panic that come with the job.

I think someone fell in the river again late this evening, because I saw from the window the troop of firefighters with torches and ambulances that accompanies these events. Hopefully they are fine. It happens every couple of months I would say, although not necessarily in front of our windows. One night there was incessant barking that I would've sworn was coming from an alley across the river, but some passer-bys strolling along the banks identified it as coming from the river itself. The firefighters came within 10 minutes but that side of the river is incredibly dark. They shone their lights on it and got some men ready to dive in, but it took a while; the intervals between bouts of barking became longer, and at some point the yapping stopped entirely. That's when I abandoned the window; I did not want to know. Sounded like a puppy too. Fucking hell.

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